Meghan : A True Queen

Source: BTMI Tourism Bites Newsletter, July 2019

One year ago, Meghan Theobalds went from never being interested in pageantry to becoming Miss Universe 2018. She has carried the crown with the grace, poise and pride one has come to expect of one of our national icons. With her electrifying smile, towering height, and curly afro, Meghan proudly flew the Barbados flag in Thailand for the Miss Universe pageant, and every place she has visited since then.

Reminiscing on her reign, Meghan describes it as one of the best experiences of her life. “What an incredible year it has been for me! I was honoured and humbled to represent our beautiful home Barbados and the 285,000 smiling faces of our people on the world’s biggest stage at the Miss Universe pageant in Thailand last year.”

Beyond the pageant, Meghan has reigned supreme, partnering with the BTMI to share wonderful stories of Barbados with visiting journalists, and making special appearances at events in Barbados as well as in our overseas markets.

“There have been so many wonderful experiences that I cherish – the friendships fostered, the personal growth that I have seen in myself and the opportunity to be a part of telling the Barbados story, are all part of this once in a lifetime journey that I will hold dear forever. As the new ladies of the 2019 cast get going on their own path to the crown on September 7, 2019 at Hilton Barbados Resort, I can share with them that this is a ride like no other! Embrace it, and enjoy every moment – and to the winner – Barbados and especially the BTMI team, will be right there with you cheering you on as you carry the flag and honour of being the next Miss Universe Barbados.”

As she prepares to hand over her crown, #TeamBTMI would like to take this time to wish this true queen and Barbadian beauty all the very best in her future endeavours.