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  • 1976 - THE FIRST MISS UNIVERSE BARBADOS ATTENDS THE PAGEANT Sharon Nightingale was the Miss Universe Barbados and represented us in Hong Kong.
  • 1977 - MISS UNIVERSE BARBADOS TRAVELS TO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC The Miss Universe Barbados 1977 was Margaret Rouse.
  • 1978 - JUDY MILLER CAPTURES THE CROWN OF MISS UNIVERSE BARBADOS Represents Barbados with pride in Mexico
  • 1979 - AUSTRALIA WELCOMES BARBARA BRADSHAW Miss Universe Barbados attends the Miss Universe pageant in Australia
  • 1984 -  MISS UNIVERSE BARBADOS CROWNED AT THE PLANTATION THEATRE A packed house witnessed young Lisa Worme win the title.
(R) Barbara Bradshaw, Miss Universe Barbados 1979

(R) Barbara Bradshaw, Miss Universe Barbados 1979

  • 1985 - A RETURN TO ELEGANCE AT MISS UNIVERSE BARBADOS Miss Universe Barbados show made its home at The Globe Theatre and we witnessed Elizabeth Wadman capture the hearts of the judges.
  • 1986 - MISS UNIVERSE BARBADOS ROSILYN WILLIAMS TAKES PANAMA BY STORM Panamanians went crazy for our Miss Universe Barbados and made her a fan favorite.
  • 1987 - DAWN MICHELLE WAITHE CHARMS HER WAY TO THE CROWN The gorgeous Miss Universe Barbados represented us with pride in Singapore
  • 1999 - A RETURN TO THE UNIVERSE STAGE After an eleven year absence Olivia Harding took Barbados back to the global stage in Trinidad for the pageant
Nadia Forte, Miss Universe Barbados 2003

Nadia Forte, Miss Universe Barbados 2003

  • 2003 -  A RETURN TO PANAMA Miss Universe Barbados Nadia Forte proudly represented our nation at the Miss Universe Pageant
  • 2004 - NINETEEN YEAR OLD CINDY BATSON WINS THE CROWN Represents Barbados in Ecuador
  • 2005  - THAILAND WELCOMES MISS UNIVERSE BARBADOS Pageant fans across the world cheered on our own Nada Yearwood as she stomped the stage at Miss Universe
  • 2007 - ANOTHER JEWEL IN OUR CROWN Jewel Garner,daughter of the legendary cricketer Joel Garner shone bright like a diamond in Mexico.
Jewel Garner, Miss Universe Barbados 2007

Jewel Garner, Miss Universe Barbados 2007