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About Miss Universe® Barbados

The Miss Universe® Barbados pageant is resetting the standards for the way pageants will be managed in Barbados. The Miss Universe® Barbados pageant will offer far more to all of the young women participating nation-wide than they give.

Fun, Social, Educational, Health and Personal Empowerment elements aside, the programme offers an array of health, wealth and educational opportunities, and a very enticing line up of prizes that any young lady would be crazy to ignore!

Miss Universe® Barbados has created a competition fitting of the powerful, international Miss Universe® brand. Our vision is one where we are building a system with a positive culture that is fair and that our most beautiful, talented, educated and confident young Barbadian women will want to be a part of.

For us, it is more than just about a show to crown a beautiful young woman. This is more about an opportunity to work within our community to create opportunities for the young ladies who encounter the franchise to truly live the mantra of “Confidently Beautiful”, as well as to expose the wider beauty, fashion and artisan industries to a global audience.

iamagirllogoThe Luxury of Giving

I am a Girl Barbados is the chosen charity for the Miss Universe® Barbados franchise. This is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of young girls all across the island. They are passionate about empowering girls to become the best version of themselves. The contestants also get the opportunity to get hands-on, including mentoring, spending extended time with the girls, and the opportunity (should they be crowned Miss Universe® Barbados) to take this on as the Ambassador for the charity. The contestants are encouraged to brainstorm and pursue their own fundraising ideas during the year for the charity –for giving does not end after the coronation.

About Miss Universe®

THE Miss Universe® pageant is in its 64th year and has grown to become one of the most coveted titles in the worldwide pageant scene. Contestants from around the world compete for the title of Miss Universe® each year. Contestants must be between 18 years old and 27 (by January 1st in the year they participate in the national competition).

An Unbelievable Year Ahead
The winner of Miss Universe® embarks on a year unlike anything else, receiving exciting prizes, cash and services, as well as:

  • An employment contract with the Miss Universe® Organisation.
  • Becoming a representative of the company for one year, travelling the world, meeting heads of state, dignitaries, participating in official charity and social events, appearing on television, speaking on a variety of topics, and getting the education, experiences and values to fulfill her career goals.
  • A luxury apartment in New York City during her reign.
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