Shanel Ifill

Miss Universe Barbados 2019

  • Age: 20
  • Height : 6’0″ / 1.82m

Shanel Marie Ifill, a second year student at the University of the West Indies reading for her Bachelors of Law degree, has recently started working at a top law firm in the island as an intern. In addition, she is a signed model with an international agency and has successfully graced campaigns for many major international brands.

In her free time, music and reading – especially Caribbean literature are her solace, having developed a passion for reading at an early age, after an extreme bout of bullying due to her scoliosis diagnosis at the age of 11. Ever since this diagnosis and her subsequent surgeries to correct the condition, she has become an advocate for young children suffering from this spinal abnormality. 

She is an avid volunteer at the Nightengale Children’s home and tutors mathematics and grammar every Sunday. Through law she has become an advocate for Human Rights and intends to become a Human Rights attorney in four years, working for the United Nation. 

As Miss Universe Barbados, she hopes to share with the world that despite your challenges in life, you may bend, but with your belief in yourself and good support around you – you will not break!