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Hillary-Ann Williams

Miss Universe Barbados 2019

Hillary-Ann Williams is a 24-year-old marketing professional who rose to national prominence as a delegate in Miss Universe Barbados 2019, where she initially emerged a finalist and People’s Choice, but has since elevated to Miss Universe Barbados.

She describes herself as a determined; resilient and sociable person who entered the pageant as opportunity to challenge herself to learn more about herself, find her place in the world and formulate a clearer narrative for herself.

She is an unapologetic gym buff who lives by the mantra that ‘every day is leg day!’ Driven by her passion for the creative, Hillary is always looking for the next new idea to put her stamp on, and stands ready to accept the newest marketing challenge.

Hillary is desirous of using her platform to be an advocate for young people, especially young women. “I believe we must invest in them by providing education and equal opportunities.

No child should be denied the chance to reach their full potential because of their gender, where they were born, or the circumstances they were born into. It’s unfair and it puts them in a continuous cycle that they struggle to break out of just because no one is giving them a chance. I would also like to help vocalise the concerns of women, show them the power of their inner beauty, and that their opinion matters.”

Hillary is a strong believer in listening to one’s heart and following one’s passions, no matter what challenges lie ahead. She has this advice for us: “Don’t let someone else’s opinion or criticism sway you from your dreams or aspirations. Stay true to yourself. Whatever it is that makes you happy, just do it.