The winner of Miss Universe Barbados 2016 will be representing Barbados at the Miss Universe 2017 pageant. In addition to the title and the right to represent us at the Miss Universe pageant, this year the winner will also be wearing a new crown. The “Broken Trident” crown, unveiled on August 28, 2016 via social media, will be on display from September 12th at The Royal Shop, the official jewelers of the Miss Universe Barbados franchise.

With an estimated value of BDS$10,000, the one of a kind jewel encrusted piece was designed and produced by world renowned bespoke jewelers – God Diamonds in Thailand. The crown contains pearls, blue and yellow sapphires, and Swarovski crystals.

In designing the crown,  God Diamonds stated that “we wanted to create something distinctly unique to Barbados.” Borrowing from elements of our national flag, the crown for Miss Universe Barbados features a Broken trident  found at the top and center of the crown, whilst blue sapphires are used to represent the sea and sky of Barbados. The gold in our nation’s flag  is depicted by the yellow sapphire that represents the sand of the island’s beaches.

The use of pearl and other visual elements was inspired by the sea and marine life which is woven into the tapestry of life and culture in Barbados.