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Terian Reid

Age : 21, Profession : Student

This University of the West Indies student has political aspirations and believes that being politically aware is the highest form of citizenry.

Darryn Taylor

Age : 20, Profession : Student

Darryn is a Registered Nurse, and aspiring poet. She believes her best quality is her drive to go after what she wants to accomplish in life.

Chelsea Roett

Age : 23, Profession : Teacher / Pro Surfer

This lover of the ocean hopes to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games, and, establish a fund to help stroke victims in need of pacemakers.

Megghan Michael

Age : 24, Profession : Travel Agent / Dance Tutor

This champion of anti-bullying loves dance and has dreams of starring in the opening act of Cats or Wide Side Story on Broadway.

Semone Shepherd

Age : 21, Profession : Travel Specialist

An aspiring social worker, Semone believes stepping out of your comfort zone is key to achieving your dreams.

Meghan Theobalds

Age : 26, Profession : Account Representative

A lover of travel and fluent in French, Meghan wants to inspire young girls who share her passion for business and self-development.

Racquel Harewood

Age : 26, Profession : Social Worker

After completing her BSc. in Social Work, Racquel hopes to further her career with her own Child & Family practice.

Danika Haynes

Age : 26, Profession : Spa Therapist

Danika hopes to one day have her own spa clinic, and use her life as a Christian to inspire others and bring about positive change.

Shari Samuel

Age : 26, Profession :  Scientist

With her MSc in Environment and Sustainability, this amateur photographer hopes to raise awareness on issues around climate change.

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